Oracle database 10g Real Application Cluster RAC hazirlik


2 server lazım bu serverlara örneği söyle verelim 2 cpu 2GBRAM 2 gigabit ethernet olan dual scsi host bus adaptor 8 Scsi disk connected via copper.

her channel 4 disk, hardware raid controller yok.


her node için operating sistem
Oracle clusterware-cluster ready service
2 ayrılır -oracle cluster registery
Voting disk

1-Linux install edilmesi
3 ip adresi lazım. private–operating sistemden yapalım
virtual–rac instalasyonda yapacak.

2-share disk hazırla–OCFS2 ve ASM
ASM den önce unused disk partition olmalı.primary partition yapıyoruz.
fdiskle yapabiliriz.
fdisk /dev/sdb
OCFS2 hem clusterwarefiles hemde rac database files tutabilir.
ASM ise sadece RAC database file tutar.
OCFS’console root userı ile /etc/init.d/o2cb enable edelim
ASMlib 2.0 ucretsiz download edebiliriz.
/etc/init.d/oracleasm create disk diskadı device adı
install oracle software

Yani buradan cıkaracağımız sonuc su RAC installasyonunda ilk önce
CLUSTERWARE,sonra ASM create edelim ve daha sonrasında database storage olarak ASM gösterelim.


About oracledocuments

Zekeriya Beşiroğlu, It joined the Bilginc IT Academy in July 2000. In the meantime, the Oracle Education, Oracle Data Base Management System and Oracle Internet Technologies, Oracle development technologies such as the training of Oracle products is responsible for training as consultants. During this task, since 1 April 2008 with 293 Oracle training in total, in 2150 Oracle customers successfully submitted. Oracle 10g New York in November 2002 have received training and education in Turkey was the first time the consultants. 20 April 2008 on education in Turkey 11g is the first who was a consultant. Oracle Real Application Cluster Expert advisor is certified is the first . Http:// and Http:// owner and manager of the site. Its own has more than one hundred articles. In addition, creation and improvement of training materials are also related to work. Oracle products are used, database management and reporting Academy eruditely It also is working on. From the date of 1 January 2009 will continue to work as the Technical Director
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